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How Not to Pay Taxes When Selling a House in Florida

How Not to Pay Taxes When Selling a House in Florida So How Not to Pay Taxes When Selling a House in Florida? Is it even possible? In the article, we go into very specific detail on this topic and the other Tax options and Benefits available on real estate sales and holdings in Florida. … Continued
Real Estate Contract in Florida

Understand a Florida Real Estate Contract

As a real estate investor and broker in Florida since 2002, I have seen my fair share of mistakes investors and real estate agents make using Florida Real Estate Contracts. Unfortunately, this causes stress, conflict, potential legal problems, and distrust amongst all parties if you don’t know the basics of the Florida Real Estate Contract. … Continued
florida real estate taxes

Tax Deed Foreclosures in Florida – The Ultimate Guide

In this comprehensive article, we will delve into various aspects of Tax Deed Foreclosures in Florida. This includes an exploration of what constitutes a Tax Deed Foreclosure in Florida, the available options for individuals confronting a Tax Deed Foreclosure, and strategies for retaining your property or making a profit before a Tax Deed Foreclosure in … Continued

Top 10 Websites to List Your Property for Sale and Maximize Exposure

Necessity of Websites to List Your Property For Sale Selling a property can be daunting, but with the right online platforms, you can significantly increase your chances of finding the right buyer. In the digital age, listing your property on popular real estate websites provides unparalleled exposure. Let’s face it. We see it all the … Continued
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We Buy Seller Financing Properties in Florida

We Buy Seller Financing Properties in Florida: Everything You NEED To Know About Seller Financing in Florida So, why am I writing this article on Seller Financing Properties in Florida?   Below I will discuss why Seller Financing your Property in Florida to us may be a better option, rather than just cashing out.  I will … Continued
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