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Rental Rethink: To Hold Onto or Sell Your Rental Property Now in Englewood

Navigating whether to hold onto or sell your rental property now in Englewood can be complex and nuanced. With market conditions shifting and property values fluctuating, many investors are at a crossroads, uncertain of the best course of action. This blog aims to provide insightful analysis and practical advice on the key factors to consider when deciding to hold onto or sell your rental property now. By understanding current market trends, evaluating the financial implications, and considering future growth potential, you’ll be better equipped to make an informed decision that aligns with your investment goals.

Real estate investors Steve Daria and Joleigh emphasize the importance of carefully analyzing current market conditions and long-term growth potential before deciding about your rental property in Englewood. Their approach involves thoroughly assessing financial implications, ensuring that any action taken aligns with your overall investment strategy. By heeding their expert advice, you can confidently navigate the complexities of deciding whether to hold onto or sell your rental property now.

The Englewood Market Landscape

Before deciding whether to hold onto or sell your rental property now in Englewood, it’s essential to understand that the current market is the linchpin of your decision-making process. 

Englewood’s real estate market has been experiencing a surge in demand, driven by the city’s burgeoning economy, rising population, and low mortgage rates. 

Properties in Englewood are moving quickly, sometimes within days of listing and often with multiple offers.

to hold onto or sell your rental property now

Market Indicators

Key indicators to look out for when considering a property sale include:

Current Property Values

Englewood property values have seen an upward trajectory, but how do they compare to previous years? 

Has your neighborhood experienced significant growth, and is that growth expected to continue? 

Tools like Zillow’s Zestimate and Redfin’s Home Estimate can give you a ballpark figure.

Days on Market (DOM)

A low DOM suggests high demand, which may translate to a quick and profitable sale for your rental property. 

Conversely, a high DOM may indicate a less buoyant market.

Price Appreciation

Historical data on price appreciation reveal trends that help you time your sale for maximum returns.

Buyer Profile

Get to know who is buying in Englewood.

Is it first-time homebuyers, investors, or those seeking vacation properties? 

Understanding the buyer demographic can provide insight into their purchasing power and motivations.

Rental Market Overview

When deciding whether to hold onto or sell your rental property now, it’s not just the buying market that matters.

The rental market can influence your decision to sell. 

Are rental rates in Englewood skyrocketing, or are they stagnant? 

A well-performing rental market could justify holding onto your property.

COVID-19 Impact

The pandemic has introduced unique dynamics in the housing market. 

Englewood real estate may have been affected differently from other cities, so understanding these local effects is vital.

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Property Financials

One of the primary drivers of any property sale is its financial performance. 

Therefore, conducting an in-depth analysis of your rental property’s finances, including rental income, expenses, and potential capital gains, is critical.

Rent Yields in Englewood

When deciding to hold onto or sell your rental property now, calculate your rental yield to understand your rental property’s profitability. 

The higher the yield, the more attractive your rental property may be to investors or potential buyers.

Tax Implications of a Sale

Unraveling the tax implications—such as capital gains, depreciation recapture, and potential 1031 exchanges—is imperative for decision-making. 

Engage a tax expert who can guide you through the complex web of real estate taxes.

Mortgage Considerations

The outstanding balance will directly impact the sale proceeds if your rental property is mortgaged. 

Plan to pay off the mortgage from the sale or factor the remaining balance into your profit calculations.

Maintaining and Upgrading Your Rental Property

Your property’s condition can significantly influence its saleability and the price you can command. 

Regular maintenance and strategic upgrades are essential for keeping your rental property competitive.

Regular Maintenance

A well-maintained property suggests to potential buyers that it has been cared for, which can impact their perception of value. 

Significant HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems must be regularly serviced, and cosmetic maintenance, such as painting and landscaping, must be kept up.

Strategic Upgrades

Consider high-return upgrades, such as modernizing the kitchen and bathrooms or enhancing curb appeal. 

The cost of these upgrades should be weighed against the potential increase in property value and the timing of your sale.

Inspection Reports

Obtain professional inspection reports to identify and address any latent issues before listing. 

This proactive approach can prevent last-minute surprises that could derail a sale.

Your Tenants’ Impact

If your property is currently leased, deciding to sell involves your tenants significantly. 

The tenants’ rights, lease agreements, and landlord-tenant dynamics must be considered.

Tenant Rights and Notifications

Consult local landlord-tenant laws to understand your tenants’ rights and the notification period required for a property sale.

Tenant Buyouts

If your tenants are on a month-to-month lease, consider offering a buyout as an incentive for a quick and smooth sale. This can be a win-win for both parties.

Tenant Attraction or Dissuasion

Tenants can be a boon or a bane when selling a property.

A well-kept property and cooperative tenants can improve showing experiences and enhance property value, as they are occupied and well-maintained.

Assessing Comparative Sales

Comparative sales (comps) provide a benchmark for the potential value of your property. 

Look at similar properties recently sold in Englewood to gauge what you might expect.

Comparable Characteristics

When selecting comps, ensure they have similar characteristics such as age, size, location, and condition to reduce variability and make a more accurate comparison.

Sales Price vs. List Price

Even in a seller’s market, understanding the sales price ratio to the list price can set the right expectations for your selling experience.

Adjusting for Market Trends

Recent sales only partially account for current market trends.

Consult with a real estate professional to adjust these numbers correctly.

Real Estate Professionals and Expert Advice

In the complex world of real estate, professional advice can be the difference between a wise sale and a rushed, regrettable one. 

Real Estate Agents

An experienced local agent can provide reliable insights, market reports, and a marketing plan to help you sell your property effectively.

Real Estate Attorneys

An attorney can ensure that all legal sides are adequately addressed and managed, which is especially important when navigating the intricacies of real estate law and property sales.

Financial Advisors

Suppose your decision hinges on the financial implications of a sale.

In that case, a financial advisor can help you strategize around the capital from the sale and offer insight into wealth management opportunities.

Depersonalizing Your Rental Property

A property that still carries the personal touches of its owner can take more work for potential buyers to envision as their own. 

Simplify Decor

Remove personal and tenant-specific décor to make the property more neutral and appealing.

Focus on simple and modern items to suggest a contemporary living space.


Consider professional staging to present your rental property in its best light.

Staged homes often sell quickly and for a higher price than non-staged homes.

hold onto or sell your rental property now

Professional Photography and Videography

Invest in high-quality visual content to showcase your property online and in marketing material.

This can attract more interest and potentially lead to a quicker sale.

Marketing Your Rental Property

A robust marketing strategy is critical to attract potential buyers to your property. A solid online presence is necessary with the rising reliance on digital platforms.

Online Listings

List your property on multiple online platforms with detailed descriptions and high-quality images.

Ensure that the benefits and unique selling points of your property are highlighted.

Social Media

Use social media channels to reach a broader audience.

Engage with followers, post regular updates, and consider targeted advertising to showcase your rental property.

Open Houses and Showings

Potential buyers often decide on a property after attending an open house or showing.

Make these events count by presenting your property in its best possible condition.

Execution and Transition

Once you’ve decided to sell, it’s all about execution. From finalizing the sales agreement to transitioning the property, these final steps require precision and planning.

Obtaining the Best Offer

Make sure that your property is priced competitively to attract offers.

Review offers carefully and negotiate the best terms for your situation.

Sales Preparation

Prepare for the various sales process steps, such as appraisals, inspections, and mortgage approvals for potential buyers.

Transitioning The Property

Coordinate with your tenants on moving out and transferring utilities, and ensure a smooth transition to the new owner.

Clear communication and planning are critical to a successful transition.


Evaluating your rental property in Englewood is no small feat, and deciding to hold onto or sell your rental property now is multifaceted. By thoroughly assessing the market landscape, financials, property condition, tenants, and many other factors, you can make a better decision that goes with your goals. 

Whether you’re a seller or a seasoned investor, the Englewood real estate market presents many opportunities that can turn your rental property into a lucrative asset. Engage with local professionals, stay abreast of market trends, and remember to balance the numbers with your gut instinct. Ultimately, the question of selling your rental property now in Englewood may have a different answer for everyone, but a well-informed approach will always be the path to success.

**NOTICE:  Please note that the content presented in this post is intended solely for informational and educational purposes. It should not be construed as legal or financial advice or relied upon as a replacement for consultation with a qualified attorney or CPA. For specific guidance on legal or financial matters, readers are encouraged to seek professional assistance from an attorney, CPA, or other appropriate professional regarding the subject matter.

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