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Top 10 Websites to List Your Property for Sale and Maximize Exposure

Necessity of Websites to List Your Property For Sale

Selling a property can be daunting, but with the right online platforms, you can significantly increase your chances of finding the right buyer. In the digital age, listing your property on popular real estate websites provides unparalleled exposure.

Let’s face it. We see it all the time. A for sale by owner sign out front of their property. Maybe a flyer box, and that’s it. How many eyeballs are you getting from that?

This article explores the top 10 websites to list your property for sale, offering a mix of wide-reaching platforms and niche marketplaces.

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List Your Property For Sale On Zillow Website

Listing your property for sale on Zillow can be one of the most powerful strategies you can do if done right. I mean… Who doesn’t have the Zillow app on their phone? As a real estate investor and Broker, I have access to many real estate listing websites. However, there is a lot of evidence on my iPhone that shows Zillow as the leader on my screen time. Maybe a bit too much : )

Zillow is a powerhouse in the real estate industry, boasting one of the largest databases of property listings. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive search features, Zillow attracts millions of potential buyers daily. The platform allows you to include detailed property descriptions, high-quality images, and even virtual tours, enhancing your listing’s appeal. This platform is available to any seller free of charge to market their property for sale.

list your home on Zillow

List Your Property For Sale On Website is the official website of the National Association of Realtors, which was founded in 1908. is a trusted source for property listings. The platform is known for its accuracy and up-to-date information. provides valuable tools for sellers, including a home value estimator and market trends, helping you set a competitive price for your property.

This site is however, controlled by licensed REALTORS who will input all of the information, pictures, write up and virtual tours on a seller’s behalf, commonly with a listing agreement.

List Your Property For Sale On Trulia Website

Trulia, now owned by Zillow… Is this what all these large conglomerates do? They buy up every one or put others out of business. Essentially data mining at its best. Or worse, depending on how you look at it.

Trulia is another popular real estate website offering a variety of tools for sellers. Trulia’s interactive maps and neighborhood insights give buyers a comprehensive view of the surrounding area. By listing your property on Trulia, you tap into Zillow’s extensive network, reaching a broad audience of potential buyers.

List Your Real Estate For Sale On Redfin Website

redfin property listing website

Redfin stands out for its innovative approach to real estate, combining technology with the expertise of local real estate agents. Sellers benefit from Redfin’s competitive listing fees, and the platform’s 3D walkthrough feature allows buyers to explore your property virtually. Redfin’s user-friendly interface, design and transparent pricing make it a compelling choice for sellers.

List Your House For Sale On Craigslist Website

While Craiglist is not exclusively a real estate platform, this website reminds me of old Classified Ads. But it remains a popular choice for selling property regardless of the spam. Its simplicity and widespread use make it an effective, low-cost option for reaching local buyers as a FSBO.

This site can be fantastic for rental property, vacant land for development or land bank, regular homes sales and even shared housing.

When using this site, I recommend using the anonymous feature for your phone number and email in order to cut down on the amount of spam you can get.

List Your Home For Sale On Website is a comprehensive real estate portal that connects buyers and sellers. The platform offers a variety of marketing tools, including featured listings and a mobile app for on-the-go property browsing. With a focus on user engagement, helps your listing gain visibility and stand out in a competitive market.

Besides having this property website syndicated through MLS listings, I really never use it to search for properties for sale. Who knows, they get gobbled up by Google.

A Powerful Real Estate Listing Website: Facebook Marketplace

Come on… If you haven’t been there, you’ll want to go ahead and browse around. You will search for real estate and might end up buying a Blackstone Gas Grill. Or a dog.

But with all seriousness, with billions of users, Facebook Marketplace has become a go-to platform for buying and selling goods, including real estate. Create a compelling listing with high-quality images and a detailed description, and leverage Facebook’s extensive user base to find local buyers interested in your property.

facebook real estate listing website

List Your Home For Sale On The MLS

The MLS (Multiple Listing Service) is a centralized database real estate professionals use to share property listings. While individual homeowners may not have direct access, partnering with a real estate agent grants you entry to this powerful network. The MLS ensures that your property is exposed to a wide range of potential buyers through collaboration with other agents and syndication to other popular websites in this article.

In many areas and states, you can actually hire a real estate agent for a flat fee and list your property on the MLS. Many will shy away from this as homeowners must take all the calls, conduct all the showings, provide all pics/videos and write-ups, handle all negotiations, and be responsible for all the paperwork. Property Listing Page

True to its name, caters to homeowners looking to sell without a real estate agent. The platform provides tools and resources to create professional-looking listings, including yard signs and marketing materials. empowers sellers to take control of the selling process while reaching a broad audience.

Movoto Property Listing Site

Movoto is a real estate website known for its user-friendly interface and comprehensive property search options. Sellers can take advantage of Movoto’s extensive network and marketing tools to showcase their property to a diverse audience. The platform also provides valuable insights into local market trends, aiding in effective pricing strategies.

Personally I don’t use this site. I know it is another website that real estate agents will pay for in order to get leads like most of these sites are geared to do. That is what happens. A buyer inquires on a site. Then the site, sells the lead to real estate agents. That is the way, most of these sites generate huge amounts of revenue. I mean… Look at Zillow. It is valued at 12.04 Billion (As of Jan 2024).

zillow real estate website

When it comes to selling your property, choosing the right online platforms is crucial. Use one or we highly suggest using all of them! The top 10 websites mentioned here offer a mix of wide-ranging exposure and niche market targeting, ensuring that your property gets the attention it deserves.

Now that we covered the top Websites to list your property for sale, we need to discuss how to maximize your property listing before going live on each site. **Real estate agents could take a page out of this too.

Maximizing Your Online Property Listing

Selling your property involves more than just putting up a “For Sale” sign. In today’s digital age, online platforms play a crucial role in attracting potential buyers. To ensure your property stands out in the crowded real estate market, follow these tips for an effective online real estate listing.

List Your Home Online with High-Quality Photos

Invest in professional photography to capture your property in the best light. Clear, high-resolution images highlight the features of your home, making it more appealing to potential buyers. Include shots of each room, the exterior, and any special features.

This will usually run around $150-350 depending on the size of your property. I would recommend requesting referrals from others who have sold properties they used in the past. Or, go to one of the sites above, look at the active listings in your neighborhood, and see what listing photos stand out. Could you contact that neighbor?

List Your Home On Websites with Engaging Videos

Could you create a virtual tour or video walkthrough to give viewers a real sense of your property’s layout and flow? Videos are a powerful tool to showcase the unique selling points of your home. Include footage of key areas and highlight any recent upgrades or renovations.

Most of these sites will allow a YouTube link. These real estate web videos can be as long or as short as you need. I would keep it concise and professional.

Online Real Estate Drone Footage Captures the Surroundings

Take your listing to new heights by incorporating drone footage. Showcase the property from different angles and provide a bird’s-eye view of the neighborhood. This adds a wow factor and helps potential buyers understand the property’s surroundings.

Many still photographers have this in their arsenal these days and will usually offer a package deal. Ideally you will want still shots on ground and above as well as video on ground and above to gain max exposure to online real estate listing.

Staging Your Property For Sale

Consider staging your home to help buyers envision themselves living there. A well-staged property creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. If hiring a professional stager is not feasible, you can make simple changes, such as decluttering, rearranging furniture, and adding fresh flowers or decor.

I would also consider new paint, cleaning up the curb appeal and anything else you can do to incentivize buyers based on your online presence.

home staging to sell your home online

Virtual Staging Your Home For Your Website Listing

Virtual Staging is fantastic for vacant properties, homes with outdated furniture, or land for development. Virtual staging is a game-changer. Digital tools can add virtual furniture and decor to photos, allowing buyers to see the property’s potential. This can be particularly useful for attracting online interest.

Again, many photographers have this in their arsenal as well of tools. Obviously the more you add on, the more it costs.

Detailed Write-Ups to Tell Your Property’s Story Online

Craft a compelling property description that goes beyond the basics. Highlight unique features, recent upgrades, and the benefits of living in the area. Use descriptive language to create a narrative that resonates with potential buyers. Include information on nearby amenities, schools, and transportation options.

Remember, you know all of this stuff. Refrain from strangers knowing. Could you write a list of reasons why you bought the property? Then could you write it out?

Optimize for Search Engines for Your Online Home Listing

Use relevant keywords in your listing to improve its search engine optimization (SEO). Think about the terms potential buyers might use when searching for a property like yours. This will increase the chances of your listing appearing in relevant search results.

Keep in mind to use local words as well, like local airports in the area. All of this can help tremendously, especially on YouTube.

Keep Information Current on Websites you List Your Property for Sale

Stay on top of your listing by regularly updating information. If there are price changes, additional features, or any other relevant updates, ensure that your listing reflects these changes promptly.

Many times, homebuyers use multiple websites to search for real estate. If they don’t know about a price reduction on, then you might be missing out on an inquiry, potential showing, and possible sale!

Websites to List Your Property for Sale

We are Steve and Joleigh.

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