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Who to Contact About Abandoned Property in Florida

Navigating the intricate landscape of real estate in Florida, one might encounter the complex issue of abandoned properties. Understanding “Who to Contact About Abandoned Property in Florida” is crucial for anyone looking to address this concern, whether you’re a concerned citizen, potential investor, or nearby resident noticing an unattended property deteriorating over time. This blog sheds light on the pivotal question of who to contact about abandoned property in Florida. Providing you with essential information and resources to effectively deal with these properties, ensuring they are managed or repurposed in a manner beneficial to communities and stakeholders alike.

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Understanding Abandoned Property Laws in Florida

Before delving into who to contact about abandoned property in Florida, it’s crucial to understand the state’s laws regarding abandoned properties. In Florida, an abandoned property is generally defined as one that has been vacated by its owner for an extended period with no intention of returning or maintaining it.

Florida’s abandoned property laws state that the owner of an abandoned property must be given notice before any action can be taken. This includes posting a notice on the property and sending a written notice to the owner’s last known address. It’s important to note that Florida has different laws for abandoned properties.

For example, abandoned vehicles fall under laws that are different from real estate properties. It’s essential to research the specific rules that apply to your situation before taking any action.

How do I determine if a property is legally considered abandoned in Florida?  

In Florida, a property may be deemed abandoned if it shows clear signs of vacancy, such as overgrown yards, accumulated mail, or utilities that have been turned off for an extended period.

However, legal determination involves checking the property’s tax status, mortgage status, and any records of the owner’s relocation or death.

Can I claim ownership of an abandoned property in Florida?  

Claiming ownership of an abandoned property, known as adverse possession, requires meeting specific legal criteria, including openly living on and continuously improving the property as defined by state law. To explore this option, legal advice from a property attorney is recommended.

Recognizing Signs of Abandoned Property

Identifying abandoned properties can be straightforward if you know what to look for. Signs of abandonment may include overgrown vegetation, boarded-up windows, deteriorating structures, and lack of maintenance.

These properties detract from a neighborhood’s appeal and can also attract crime and vandalism. Awareness of these signs and reporting potential abandoned properties to the appropriate authorities is essential.

who to contact about abandoned property in florida

Contacting Local Authorities

One of the first steps to take when encountering an abandoned property in Florida is to contact local authorities. This typically involves reaching out to the municipality where the property is located.

Municipal authorities, such as code enforcement offices or building departments, enforce local ordinances and regulations related to property maintenance and safety. They can provide information about the property’s ownership and existing permits or violations. In some cases, the municipality may also have a designated department for abandoned properties, which can assist in identifying the appropriate course of action.

It is important to note that contacting local authorities should always be done with respect and courtesy. Understanding their role and following proper communication channels will help facilitate a smoother process.

Reporting Abandoned Property

When reporting an abandoned property to local authorities, provide as much information as possible about the property’s location and condition.

This information helps officials assess the situation and take appropriate action.

Additionally, some municipalities may have online reporting systems or dedicated hotlines for reporting abandoned properties, making the process more accessible for concerned citizens.

Involving Law Enforcement

In cases where abandoned properties pose immediate safety concerns or are associated with criminal activity, involving law enforcement may be necessary. Local police departments can investigate potential criminal activity, such as trespassing, vandalism, or illegal occupancy, and take appropriate enforcement actions.

They can also help secure the property and prevent further damage or safety hazards. However, it is important to note that involving law enforcement should only be done as a last resort after all other options have been exhausted.

Communication and collaboration with law enforcement should always be approached respectfully and with a clear understanding of their role in addressing abandoned properties.

Seeking Legal Assistance

Navigating the complexities of abandoned property issues in Florida may require legal expertise, especially if ownership or title disputes arise.

Seeking advice from a specialized real estate attorney who is well-versed in property law can offer valuable support in resolving legal matters concerning abandoned properties.

who to contact about abandoned property florida

Contacting Property Owners or Lienholders

In some cases, identifying and contacting the property owner or lienholder may be necessary to address the abandonment issue.

Property records maintained by county tax assessors or property appraisers can provide information about the current owner or any existing liens on the property.

Contacting the owner or lienholder can help determine ownership responsibilities and potentially secure permission to access and clean up the abandoned property.


Dealing with abandoned property issues in Florida requires proactive community involvement and cooperation with local authorities. Engaged community members can significantly contribute to tackling abandoned properties and rejuvenating their neighborhoods by grasping the pertinent laws and identifying the appropriate contacts. Whether reporting the property to local authorities, seeking legal assistance, or contacting property owners, taking proactive steps is crucial to alleviating the adverse effects of abandoned properties on neighborhoods and communities.

Knowing who to contact about abandoned property is the first step toward resolving the issue and restoring vitality to affected areas. By working with local authorities and seeking appropriate assistance, communities can effectively address abandoned property issues and foster positive change.

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